Welcome to CEREES

CEREES is The Centre of Excellence for Renewable Energy and Energy Savings, setup by the founders Dr. R. C. Janakarajan and Ramesh Kulandaivel. CEREES is setup to work closely with academic institutions, renewable energy industry stakeholders and the community. As a first step CEREES will be closely associated with J. R. Polytechnic College, in fostering research and development as well as community awareness. Further global associations and partnerships are being progressed to contribute to a clean and energy efficient future.


  • To be the most valuable contributor to a CLEAN and ENERGY EFFICIENT FUTURE


  • Promote and foster Research and Development in the Renewable Energy and Energy Saving Technologies
  • Provide quality Consulting to the Corporations on the use of these technologies to conserve energy
  • Distribute and Implement these energy technologies
  • Educate and enrich the knowledge of the local community in the energy saving concepts