Energy Savings

Greenhouse gas emissions, temperature and sea levels are all rising. While the scale and timing of climate change impacts is unknown, current trends suggest a warmer, drier and more extreme climate in the future.

The warming is caused by greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. These emissions are heating the planet by acting as a blanket that traps the sun's heat inside our atmosphere. By far the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions is from energy generation and use.

Energy efficiency is the easiest way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This efficiency can be achieved by reducing the usage of energy with innovative and smart technologies and appliances. For example utilising LED lighting (instead of conventional lighting systems), low energy consumption rating appliances, smart switching devices with timers, etc. Further better building materials and insulation can be used to reduce dissipation/ leakage of energy.

CEREES will be focusing on bringing out innovative methods and technology to achieve Energy efficiency.